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Are you one of those who is running a business and is in need of a dynamic website? If yes, then you need a PHP developer or if you wish to develop it on your own you can always opt for PHP training. PHP has various features that provide different functionality to the developers in order to create interactive interface-based websites and web applications. Through this article, we will get to know PHP’s significance, its applications and its future scope in the field. At last for the learners, we have also suggested the best PHP training institute in Noida from where they can train themselves for their future. Let’s dig into the points in detail given below.

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Significance of PHP in web development
  • Applications of PHP script
  • Future and scope of PHP
  • Future and scope of PHP
  • I want to learn PHP suggest to me the best institute

Introduction to PHP

If someone is asking you or arguing with you why he should use PHP as a scripting language and not others like JSP and ASP? Then you can simply explain them by giving examples of the world’s top companies like Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and Youtube using PHP scripting language as their backend because it helps them to become more dynamic with ease of coding then why even required for anything else? Believe me, PHP has its own standard in terms of backend scripting language and ruling the companies like hell.

If we talk about its importance then firstly it is an open-source server-side scripting language which can be learned easily and it supports various operating systems like Windows, UNIX, and Linux with different databases such as MySQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle due to which it is widely being used by the number of companies.

In fact, it can be easily embedded in HTML with tags <?php?>. Let’s understand it with an example.




<title>getting started with PHP</title>




Echo “ anything”;





So it is as simple as HTML and much easier for people who know how to code and those who don’t can brush up their entry-level skills.

Significance of PHP in web development

There are some of its universal features which make it significant for web development hence they are-

Learning is easy– in comparison to many other languages PHP becomes much easier to learn as it is quite simple a beginner can code and make a website without any complexity in a very short period of time. Its syntax is quite simple and command functions are easy to learn.

Open-source– this helps most companies as it controls the cost of web development because it has open access to a wide range of PHP frameworks, like Laravel and Symfony. Whereas one who wants to start coding as a PHP can access or install it at zero cost.

Versatile- one of the biggest reasons is its versatility as it is platform-independent and can run on any platform such as Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux in addition to all major web servers which makes it easy to deploy on various systems and platforms at low additional cost.

Speedy and secure– if you are running any industry or company then you make sure that it must be secure and fast. This is what PHP does to its users in terms of speed. PHP relies on its own memory and updates itself with its newest version. It has vast community support with many tools and frameworks which help it to fix vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks.

Applications of PHP

Web-based applications

In today’s world, any web pages or web applications are developed to perform all salient features like a high degree of customisation, and a great and interactive user interface and must be capable of handling online transactions seamlessly and integrating with database systems. Therefore most websites and web applications throughout the world use PHP as it has reliable solutions for all these salient features.

Ecommerce applications

Whoever is in the eCommerce business wants to grow and wants to be much ahead of their competitors by providing them with an interactive user-friendly interface. PHP makes it easier for developers to meet the demand of such business owners. Developers use frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP which allow them to create eCommerce in a simple manner. Most of the highly PHP-based eCommerce websites are Magneto, Zen Cart, AgoraCart and Ubercart.

GUI-Based applications

GUI means the graphic user interface. PHP is also used for creating desktop graphical user interface-based applications with the help of tools such as PHP-GTK 2, DevelStudio, and ZZEE PHP GUI, all allow scripting in PHP by compiling it into.exe capable of running standalone.

Future and scope of PHP

Initially, there was a huge demand for java programmers and there was comparisonaly low recruitment for PHP developers in big MNCs companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and many more. Time passes and demand for PHP developers exponentially increases in comparison to java and dot net programmers.

If we talk about its future then as I already have mentioned that most of the big companies rely on PHP and so demand for PHP has increased with its developers. The scope in this field is vast and one who is interested in making a career in it will be a great option for him/her. When we talk about salary then the topic becomes more interesting. By the way, there is no fixed salary for PHP developers, it is only based on the company and your proficiency in that field.

One company pays 4LPA to a PHP developer with 2 years of experience whereas another provides only 2LPA with the same experience so there is no fixed pay scale; it depends on the company size.

I want to learn PHP suggest to me the best institute

After knowing the importance and demand of PHP by various MNCs companies, anyone’s mind can direct towards PHP. If I have to suggest you the best PHP training institute then you must go with Aptron which is an established institute in Noida where you get trained under working professionals from the industry itself. Also in Aptron 100% placement assistance is provided for the students after completion of their respective courses.


The above article tells us much about PHP and its developers, how it became significant for the top companies across the world and in comparison to other languages how it is widely being used. If we talk about its developer then their pay scales are neither fixed nor depend on the experience or work it is only based on the size of the company. Further, we have discussed the various applications of PHP with salient features of it helping widely. Lastly, we have summed up this article by suggesting the best PHP training institute in Noida where you get PHP courses and training under the mentorship of the best mentors across India who are proficient in their fields.

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